What We Do

Alliance San Diego is building collective power to create an inclusive democracy. 

We believe that by working together to engage effectively in the civic process, we can make systemic change and shape a future that belongs to all of us. Our work is informed by our lived experience and our commitment to our community to create an inclusive democracy where all people can achieve their full potential in an environment of harmony, safety, equality and justice. 

Our work is guided by three goals in 2022:


Equity & Access

So all of us are treated fairly and have access to resources we need to thrive.


Voting & Governance

So all of us are shaping our future and are prepared to lead with values of inclusion.


Safety & Justice

So all of us are safe and law enforcement is held accountable.


Our 2022 goals inform our ongoing work and energize our commitment to:


Protecting Human & Civil Rights

We are providing legal assistance, sharing resources and working to transform systems of oppression into an environment of justice, empowerment, safety and inclusion.

Learn more about our partnerships and signature programs:

Immigration Services

Justice for Janine Bouey

Justice for Anastasio Hernandez Rojas

Engaging Community

We are reaching thousands of people to take action by facilitating, organizing and mobilizing the participation of community members to shape policy, monitor civic progress and hold elected officials accountable during and after elections.

Learn more about our partnerships and signature programs:


California Calls

Engage San Diego 


Advocating for Policies

We are identifying barriers, researching and developing solutions, convening conversations and building awareness of how policy impacts people.

Learn more about our partnerships and signature programs:

California Immigrant Policy Center

Community Budget Alliance

Coalition on Police Accountability & Transparency

San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium

Southern Border Communities Coalition

Developing Leaders

We are identifying emerging leaders, providing leadership training, and teaching the concepts to represent diverse communities.

Learn more about our partnership and signature program:

Neighborhoods Rising Institute

Communicating Strategically

We are humanizing the experience of the communities we serve to focus their collective power to influence the policy decisions that impact them the most. 

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