Vote in the 2024 Primary Election on or before March 5, 2024


With the primary election around the corner, this is our moment to take action and vote for the future of our communities. Are you ready? Who do you trust with power to create affordable housing, just policing, humane immigration and infrastructure for climate change? This is your opportunity to decide who will lead our city, county, and country on these issues. Start with dignity and make your voice heard by voting on or before March 5, 2024. Our lives may depend on it.

Voters, you have the power to help illuminate the path for a more united, inclusive future where everyone belongs by claiming your right to vote.

Key information you need to know for the presidential race: 

  • Political parties decide who can vote for their presidential primary candidates. If you are registered with one of the six political parties in CA, you can vote ONLY for that party’s presidential candidates. 
  • If you registered as a nonpartisan voter - or your party registration is different from the party of the presidential primary candidate you want to vote for this year, you will need to register to vote with that party. To change your party registration, contact the San Diego County Registrar of Voters by February 20, 2024 or visit the Request a Party Ballot webpage.


No matter what your party preferences are, all registered voters are allowed to vote in nonpartisan contests such as for mayor, city council and your representatives in the California Legislature and the U.S. Congress. The top two candidates will move forward to the General Election in November 2024.

When can I vote? 

Every active registered voter residing in San Diego County will receive a ballot in the mail the week of February 4, 2024 for the Primary Election.



Starting Monday, October 9th, early voting will be available at the San Diego County Registrar of Voters office (5600 Overland Ave, San Diego, CA 92123), Monday - Friday, from 8am to 5pm. Ballot drop box locations will open Tuesday, October 10th through Tuesday, November 7th. Visit for locations and hours of operation.



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Claim your right to vote in the Primary Election on or before March 5, 2024

There are three ways to vote:



Beginning the week of February 4th, ballots will be mailed out to all registered voters in San Diego County. To mail your ballot back: select your candidates, sign your ballot, seal it and mail it back using the yellow pre-paid envelope provided. Then track your ballot by signing up for “Where's My Ballot?”.


Starting Tuesday, February 6th, you can drop off your completed ballot at one of the official ballot drop box locations. Make sure your ballot is sealed inside its return envelope. Visit for locations and hours of operation.

On Election Day, Tuesday, March 5th, all ballot drop box locations will be open 7am to 8pm where you can drop off your completed ballot.


Beginning Saturday, February 24th, select Vote Centers throughout the county will be open daily from 8am - 5pm through Election Day on March 5th. Click here to find a Vote Center location near you.

Vote Centers offer the following services:

  • Vote in-person
  • Vote using an accessible ballot marking device
  • Receive voting assistance in multiple languages
  • Register to vote or update your registration and vote on the same day
  • If you made a mistake or lost your mail ballot, you can vote at any Vote Center



Get Ready to Vote

Register to Vote

Register to Vote

You can register to vote all the way up to Election Day at any Vote Center. Click here to register today!

Check your Registration!

Check your registration status

Are you registered to vote? Check and update your voter registration, especially your address and language preference. Check your voter registration status here.

Polling Place

Find a Vote Center

Plan ahead and find a Vote Center location near you! Vote Centers have replaced polling locations so you can no longer vote at a polling location. For more information on finding a Vote Center, click here.

Vote by Mail

You can return your completed ballot through the mail – no postage needed, to one of the Registrar’s official ballot drop box locations, or at any Vote Center.

Ballot drop box locations open Tuesday, February 6th through Election Day on March 5th. Visit for locations and hours of operation.

View your sample ballot!

Track your ballot

If you voted by mail, you can track when your mail ballot is mailed, received, and counted by signing up for “Where’s My Ballot.”


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