Our Story

San Diego is a haven for culture and diversity. It's made up of people who have been here for generations as well as newcomers who are weaving their stories into the fabric of our region. 

The San Diego region is a vibrant and beautiful place, but not all who live here have the same opportunities. Some people are treated as less than their peers simply because of who they are. Government policies can help or harm, elevate or denigrate our human dignity. Unfortunately, the human rights of communities of color, immigrant communities, unhoused communities, and many more vulnerable communities are routinely violated without repercussion or even acknowledgement. Alliance San Diego is fighting to change that by centering dignity. 

Alliance San Diego (formally known as Equality Alliance of San Diego) is a community organization whose mission is to build collective power to create an inclusive democracy where everyone can participate fully with dignity. 

Since 2007, we have mobilized communities to fuel change and reshape the world so that it is more reflective of and responsive to our diversity. We believe that systemic change is achieved, and maintained, by working together to build a society that is truly inclusive. Our work is to develop leaders, engage communities, shape narratives, change policies, and protect rights while standing on the core values of inclusion, compassion, justice, collaboration, and integrity.

Every day we fight to create sustainable change for this generation and all those that follow. We hold and steward the torch so that it continues to illuminate the path to a brighter future. Alliance San Diego invites you to help us build the collective power we need to create an inclusive democracy that honors the inherent dignity of all people. 

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