Abuse, Assault and Impunity at DHS Must Stop: Former LAPD Officer Subjected to Sexual Assault by DHS sues the Agency

Former LAPD officer and U.S. veteran, Janine Bouey, filed a complaint against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for her inhumane treatment at the border. This is the first step in a lawsuit against DHS. Janine, who is a Black woman, was sexually assaulted by agents at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry. In this lawsuit, she calls for DHS and CBP to take responsibility for their actions and end the practice of assault on women, including Black women.

Alliance San Diego is accompanying Janine in her pursuit of justice to hold DHS agents accountable for what they did to her and what they're doing to women all across this country.

The CBP agents that sexually assaulted Janine are part of the largest law enforcement agency in the country with the least amount of oversight and the highest rate of abuse and corruption. Unfortunately, the agents at CBP regularly abuse their power to inflict harm, especially on people of color and increasingly on black community members.

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