Immigration Services

We provide high-quality and trusted immigration services, including education on different forms of immigration relief, one-on-one consultations, and application assistance in San Diego County.

Our friendly bilingual staff (English and Spanish) regularly offers community workshops to help keep you informed on the latest immigration news and provide you with the tools you need to protect yourself by knowing your rights.

Explore the services we offer, learn about potential benefits available to you, and prepare yourself for the path to citizenship.


Prepare and Take Action


Learn the steps to become a U.S. citizen, review the application requirements, check your eligibility for free legal assistance, and more.


Get the latest facts about DACA, find out about DACA events, and sign up for more info.


Attend a citizenship, DACA or Know Your Rights event in your community, and get connected to resources.


Protect Yourself


Avoid fraud, and find trusted and qualified legal professionals.


Learn about your rights, and empower yourself and your family with helpful strategies and tips.


Explore other forms of immigration relief for which you may be eligible.


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