The Year Ends But Our Fight Continues

This was a tough year. No doubt about it. But the community grew stronger, more united, and more committed to building a city, county and a country where everyone can achieve their full potential. At every turn, Alliance San Diego was there, standing with community members and providing the tools to work in coalition, communicate messages, develop leadership, and engage more effectively in the civic process. The year may have ended, but our fight continues.

Help us build a more inclusive democracy in 2018.


Last year and over the past ten years, Alliance San Diego has empowered and engaged marginalized communities to create change. Working together, we have made an impact. From changes in public discourse to changes in public policy, we have ensured that affected community members have a seat at the decision-making tables and their voices are heard.

Read the report on what we’ve accomplished together.

At Alliance San Diego, we see adversity as a catalyst for change, an opportunity to create a more inclusive democracy and involve more of us in defining the future ahead. The future belongs to the discontent who know we can do better and know we must. For ourselves, for our children, and for generations to come, we invite you to be our partner for a better future.  

Partner with us today to create a better tomorrow.




Andrea Guerrero

Executive Director, Alliance San Diego

P.S. If you haven’t already bought your tickets for the All Peoples Celebration, honoring the life and legacy of Dr. King, you can get them here and add an end-year donation after.