Start With Dignity Workshop

This workshop is an interactive, experiential learning course centered on the inherent dignity of all people. Participants will learn about bringing human rights home to the US and discuss personal experiences in relation to self worth, respect, and empathy. Participants will leave with action steps to get more involved in their communities, tools to facilitate future discussions on dignity and human rights, and a network of organizations and individuals dedicated to creating an inclusive democracy. Click here to learn more.

In 2024, we are expanding and need your help. Alliance San Diego is embarking on a campaign to raise $150,000. This fund will not only widen the capacity of our staff, but it will widen the reach of our workshops. It will also help us meet the challenges in front of us from fighting for public investments that help our communities thrive to protecting the human rights of the most vulnerable. We invite you to make a contribution. Your gift is a welcoming gesture towards claiming dignity for today and many tomorrows.