Racial and Identity Profiling Board Releases 2019 Annual Report

SAN DIEGO, CA -- Today California’s Racial and Identity Profiling (RIPA) Board released its 2019 annual report and announced it today in a press release.

The report provides recommendations for law enforcement agencies to enhance their policies, procedures and trainings regarding bias and racial and identity profiling. Additionally, the report includes an analysis of civilian complaints and use of force data collected in 2017.

The report provides detailed information on how this data is collected and submitted, and how enforcement agencies ensure the integrity of the data.

“Our approach to implementing RIPA has been methodical and persistent,” said Executive Director of Alliance San Diego Andrea Guerrero, who serves as co-chair of the RIPA Board. “The RIPA Advisory Board has engaged in tough conversations about problems and solutions, informed by the experiences of community members and law enforcement officers, and guided by experts and academics. We are determined to increase public safety for all Californians, and together we will, engaging in a process that generates actionable information that leads to meaningful results.”

The RIPA Board is made up of 19 members coming from diverse backgrounds, including law enforcement, religious organizations, academia, community organizations, and youth advocacy groups.

Read the full report here.