Annual Giving Campaign

The Annual Giving Campaign is a whole team effort to raise the resources we need to fuel our mission to create an inclusive democracy. 

For 15 years we have been building collective power to create a more inclusive democracy. From changing narratives to changing policies, from taking on the small fights to the big fights, we are forging a future for all of us, together. Alliance San Diego believes we are on the precipice of big change, something sustainable and beautiful for generations to come. We believe in a democracy that is a bridge of hope and healing; a bridge to a better future for all of us.  

With your continued support, we will build a bridge to an inclusive future. Inclusivity is a commitment, a daily practice we engage to fulfill the promise of the Constitution — the promise of freedom and equality. Alliance San Diego believes in a democracy that addresses problems head on, lifting up the voices of affected communities. We believe in a democracy that is a bridge of hope and healing; a bridge to a better future for all of us.

We are inviting you to build this bridge with us; walk alongside us to nurture true democracy. Every donation strengthens the bridge so that it withstands time and remains steady under pressure. Your gift and generosity is an investment towards 15 more years of impact, of developing leaders to carry the torch, and pushing for change so everyone can thrive. We have set ambitious intentions and we invite you to embark on the journey with Alliance San Diego. We can shape a future for all of us if we do it together. 

Our goal this year is to expand our existing support by raising $150,000 by year end. Every dollar fuels our mission to build collective power to create a more inclusive democracy. To learn more about our impact we invite you to follow us on social media and view our Impact Report for 2020-2021.

Alliance San Diego invites you to become our partners in change.  

  • Volunteer your time to support our programs, events, and office. 
  • Donate to our Claiming Dignity Fundraising campaign
  • Become a monthly sustainer at $15+ to support our mission year-round. 
  • Make a one-time gift in your own name or as a tribute to a loved one. 
  • Learn about other ways to give  

In 2024, we are expanding and need your help. Alliance San Diego is embarking on a campaign to raise $150,000. This fund will not only widen the capacity of our staff, but it will widen the reach our Start With Dignity workshops. It will also help us meet the challenges in front of us from fighting for public investments that help our communities thrive to protecting the human rights of the most vulnerable. We invite you to make a contribution. Your gift is a welcoming gesture towards claiming dignity for today and many tomorrows.

If you need more help to determine which method is right for you, please contact Miesha Rice at [email protected].