Alliance San Diego Stands With Working People

SAN DIEGO -- Today, the Supreme Court overturned more than four decades of precedent by making fair share fees for public sector workers unconstitutional in the Janus v. AFSCME case. This will make it more difficult for working people to create better lives for their families and communities in San Diego and across the nation.

Organized labor is a key countervailing force to corporate power, and Alliance San Diego is proud to stand with them. In California, unions have led the way to higher wages and ensured that all workers have paid sick days and paid family leave. They have also worked tirelessly to protect immigrants on the job, strengthen workplace safety and fight for workers’ rights.

Christopher R. Wilson Associate Director of Alliance San Diego released the following statement:

“We are better off when working people from all backgrounds have access to good paying jobs and benefits that help them create better lives for their families and communities. Unfortunately, this decision by the Supreme Court makes it more difficult for them to get ahead by taking away their freedom to stand together, organize and fight for workers’ rights. Alliance San Diego is committed, now more than ever, to stand with all working people and continue the fight for good jobs, safe workplaces, equal pay for women, fair treatment of immigrants and dignity at work for everyone.”