Alliance San Diego Receives $260,000 Award Following Nomination by Mallison & Martinez Law Firm

SAN DIEGO — Today, Alliance San Diego announced it has received a “cy pres” award of $263,392.51 after being nominated by a preeminent social justice and workers rights law firm, Mallison & Martinez, based in Oakland, California. 

“There was no hesitation on our end of who we should nominate for this cy pres award given all of Alliance San Diego’s impressive leadership to advance social justice and democracy here in California and beyond,” said Hector Martinez of Mallison & Martinez. “Their work strikes at the core of our values of justice, integrity and compassion as a law firm, and we are honored to support the organization in this way. We invite everyone to give to Alliance San Diego this holiday season.” 

The law firm had nominated Alliance San Diego to receive the remainder of unclaimed class action settlement funds from a landmark case in which they successfully recovered $140 million in unpaid overtime wages from ABM industries. Typically, cy pres awards are remainders of class action settlements. The court invites the attorneys to nominate non-profit organizations to receive the awards. Alliance San Diego was one of four organizations in California to be nominated and awarded.  

“We are tremendously grateful to Mallison & Martinez for nominating Alliance San Diego for this cy pres award,” said Andrea Guerero, Executive Director of Alliance San Diego. “This generous gift will go a long way in supporting our continued work to elevate social justice issues and advocate for human rights, including the rights of workers like those that Mallison & Martinez represent.”



Alliance San Diego is a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) community organization that is building collective power to create a more inclusive democracy, one where all people can participate with dignity in an environment of harmony, safety, equality and justice. We pursue this mission by developing leaders, engaging the community, advocating for policies, communicating strategically, and protecting human rights.