2017 Spring Civic Engagement Program Draws To a Close


Democracy functions best when voters are informed and engaged in the civic process all year long. On June 13, we wrapped up our Spring 2017 Civic Engagement program which did just that: kept voters informed and engaged!

We hired more than two dozen canvassers to speak with infrequent San Diego voters about issues that impact their neighborhoods the most. The canvassers called and knocked on doors in San Diego’s communities of color, low-income communities, and immigrants. These canvassers were hired directly from the neighborhoods we engage with, making it easier to have peer-to-peer, in-language conversations with voters.

This program supported the the soon to be introduced “Make It Fair” bill by State Sen. Nancy Skinner (09-Contra Costa and Alameda counties). This bill seeks to amend Proposition 13 and close corporate property tax loopholes which give big corporations large tax breaks. In 1978, Prop 13 capped property taxes for homeowners and created loopholes that essentially froze corporate property taxes in our state.

The time to change that is now.

Closing the loopholes would produce $9 billion a year in revenue for education and neighborhood services such as affordable housing, health-care, and public transit. “Make It Fair” is supported by the Make It Fair Coalition, a group made up of community, faith-based, civil rights, and labor organizations, working to find solutions and resources to address the issues in California caused by the funding shortage. Alliance San Diego is proud to be a member of the coalition, which seeks to restore the community’s voice in the decision-making process, as well as create community-based solutions to the problems created by the funding deficits of the past. 

Our canvassing team reached out to infrequent voters in council districts across San Diego (focusing primarily on District 3, District 4, and District 9). They provided information and raise awareness about “Make It Fair” and Prop 13. Restoring $9 billion in revenue per year to our state’s budget will make a big difference in the current environment of tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthy. If “Make It Fair” were to pass, San Diego County could see an increase of up to $800 million in revenue for schools, emergency services, healthcare, and other services.

Now more than ever, it’s important to speak up for solutions to issues impacting our community. If you are looking for a place to make a difference, Alliance San Diego is always in need of volunteers and the Civic Engagement Program is an excellent way to make change in our community. We need to continue to move forward in creating a San Diego where all people can reach their full potential in environment of safety, quality, harmony, and justice! For volunteer opportunities and other ways to get involved please visit www.alliancesd.org