Start a Year of Giving on #GivingTuesday


In 2017, Alliance San Diego celebrates its tenth anniversary of building inclusion and equality in the community.  This Giving Tuesday, Alliance San Diego invites you to begin a year of giving in support of programs that train leaders, protect families, and ensure that all of San Diego is able to take part in the democratic process in an environment of harmony and justice.

<< Support us today for just $10 per month. >>

This Giving Tuesday, we have set a goal of 50 new monthly supporters giving just $10 per month.  It may not seem like $10 every month can make much of an impact, but here are the ways your year of giving will help the community. 

$10 per month:

  • Trains 12 community leaders.
  • Informs 10 new and infrequent voters on issues affecting them.
  • Mobilizes 2 new voters.
  • Fully Funds 1 community outreach meeting. 


 << We invite you to mobilize for change with us. >>

Whether you are a long-time supporter of Alliance San Diego or this is your first time learning about what we do, we encourage you to start a year of giving with us on Giving Tuesday.

Cheers to a year of giving!


Andrea Guerrero
Executive Director
Alliance San Diego