SD Community Leaders encourage the Latinx vote in the CA Gubernatorial Recall Election

SAN DIEGO, CA — Alliance San Diego along with several San Diego Community leaders spoke today about the importance of Latinx voters adding their voice and their vote to the gubernatorial recall election on Tuesday, September 14th. The stakes are high and the time is now for increasing Latinx turnout at the polls.

In San Diego County, Latinx voters constitute 1 out of every 4 voters (23%), but if they don’t vote, they won’t be heard. Right now, only a small number of Latinx voters have cast their ballots, far behind other ethnic groups. But there is still time to vote. Polls are open now and will close at 8pm on Election day, Tuesday. 

Andrea Guerrero, executive director of Alliance San Diego said: 

Los votantes latines son uno de los grupos de votantes más grandes del condado, uno de cada cuatro votantes es latine, pero si no votamos, no seremos escuchados en esta elección. Somos muchos, pero pocos han votado. Es clave que voten antes de las 8 de la noche este martes.

Nora Vargas, supervisor for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors said:

For the Latinx community, there is so much work for us to do. We want to make sure that our communities have access to health care and education and all the things that matter so that our kids can have opportunities. And the only way we're going to do that is by making sure that we go out and vote.

Alejandra Sotelo Solis, mayor of National City said:

La mayoría de la comunidad en National City es latine y nuestra comunidad ha sufrido mucho por la pandemia. Somos la mayoría de los trabajadores esenciales. El papel más importante de un gobernador en este momento es brindar acceso a la vacuna para ayudarnos a sobrevivir y prosperar. Quién será el gobernador depende de nosotros, pero solo si votamos.

Diamond Brandon, interim district director for Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez said: 

Your vote is your voice, and our communities should never choose silence. When we sit back and allow decisions to be made for us without any of our input or experiences reflected, the outcome is often devastating. The fate of our families and our communities and basic civil rights are on the line. That’s why our office is urging everyone to vote in this election.

Irving Hernandez, board member of Alliance San Diego and undocumented community member said:

Soy Californiano y indocumentado. No puedo votar, pero ustedes sí. Hay mucho en juego en esta elección y necesitamos que les votantes latines participen. Importa mucho quién será el gobernador de California. Nuestro futuro depende de les votantes latines. 

Ari Aragon, young Latinx voter said:

Today, we're not here to tell you who to vote for. That decision is up to you. Today, we're here to urge you to make a choice and stand up for what you believe in and vote. We have to vote as young people. We want to be heard. This is how we do it. We vote. And if we vote, we will not only be heard, but we will decide this election. Do not sit this one out.

Here is how everyone can vote before the polls close on Tuesday at 8 pm: 

  • Mail your ballot today. 
  • Turn in your ballot at a library or any official drop-off location. 
  • Vote in person at any polling location or the Registrar from 7 am to 8 pm Tuesday.

Go to or for drop-off or polling locations. 


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