SCOTUS Decision Gives Local ‘Dreamers’ More Time to Renew

San Diego, CA --  Today, the Supreme Court decided not to take up a key DACA case, effectively giving hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth -- including 40,000 or so in the San Diego region -- the opportunity to renew their status for the next few months. The Supreme Court will meet again on February 15 to decide whether to hear the case in the fall.

The Trump administration killed DACA and has requested the Supreme Court to take up the issue. At the same time, it is using immigrant youth as bargaining chips for a border wall during the ongoing government shutdown negotiations.

Alliance San Diego is urging local Dreamers to renew their status immediately (new applications to the program are not being accepted). We are hosting several upcoming informational events to help immigrants, including those with DACA. The next consultation event will take place on Saturday, February 9 at MiraCosta College - Community Learning Center. For more information visit

Itzel Guillen Maganda, a DACA recipient and immigrant integration manager at Alliance San Diego, said the following:

“Today’s decision from the Supreme Court to not take the DACA case will allow hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth, including many in San Diego, to continue to renew our protections from deportation. As long as the program remains available, we recommend immigrant youth renew their DACA now if they have not already! We urge ALL Dreamers to get a free consultation from a trusted, qualified immigration attorney to find if they qualify for any other form of immigration relief.

The Trump administration has been using our lives as bargaining chips for his unnecessary wall since taking office. Although this administration continues to blackmail Dreamers for a trade off, we will continue to say NO! Now more than ever, we need legislation from Congress that is sensible and offers a path towards citizenship. Band-aid solutions like DACA are not enough!

One thing that is certain, is that border communities and border dreamers are not interested in being used for the further militarization of our communities.”  

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