SAN DIEGO FIRES: Important Reminder on California Law Protecting Disaster Evacuees in California

SAN DIEGO, CA --  As San Diego grapples with the fast-moving Lilac Fire in North County and the potential for more wildfires due to extreme dry conditions, it is important to remember that the safe evacuation of those affected should be the number one priority.

California law (California Government Code 8596) enacted after the 2007 wildfires in San Diego, requires disaster service providers to ensure all victims receive the assistance for which they are eligible, and the law prohibits public officials from asking for any ID, document, or other info to receive assistance, unless required by law.

Andrea Guerrero, Executive Director of Alliance San Diego, issued the following statement:

“People who find themselves in harm's way should be able to evacuate quickly and safely.  California law is clear that neither the police nor shelter workers can ask for ID in order to provide emergency shelter or assist with evacuation. The only time someone should have to present documentation is if they are applying for specific benefits such as federal assistance relief from FEMA, but not shelter services. This is a time to help and assist, not hinder,  everybody who is displaced by these dangerous and fast-moving wildfires.”

About Alliance San Diego

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