Justice for Anastasio

Anastasio Hernández Rojas, a longtime San Diego resident was brutally tased, beaten and killed by U.S. border agents in 2010. Since then, Anastasio’s family has sought justice in the case of Anastasio’s murder at the hands of border agents.

Because of the egregious miscarriage of justice, Anastasio’s family has brought their case before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). This is the first known extrajudicial killing case that will be decided by the IACHR involving U.S. law enforcement. The outcome of this case could set a precedent for other cases against border authorities and other police who have killed with impunity, especially in Black and Brown communities. Learn more about the timeline of the case and keep up with the latest updates.

Alliance San Diego and American Friends Service Committee sponsored the painting of a mural, which was completed in September of 2020, to memorialize the life of Anastasio Hernández Rojas. To this day, not a single border agent has been held accountable for his death, but the fight for justice continues for all of the families who have died at the hands of border agents.

Learn more about the symbolism present in the mural, check out photos from the mural site, watch a video about master muralist Victor Ochoa and make a donation to the mural fund below.


Join us in our mission to demand justice for Anastasio Hernández Rojas and to hold border patrol accountable for his death. Donate to the cause today.