In response to an apparent hate crime against a Muslim student at San Diego State University, Alliance San Diego has issued the following statement:

“Alliance San Diego stands united with the Muslim community in light of a recent assault and robbery against a Muslim female student at San Diego State University. The assailant(s) who committed this crime mentioned Donald Trump [during the act], whose rhetoric-driven campaign against some of the most vulnerable communities in our nation, provided a spark to those who would use hate to suppress progress. Alliance San Diego rejects hate in all forms, and we call on community and political leaders of all backgrounds to work together to create a community where all people can live in an environment of peace, harmony and justice. The elections are over. The bullying and intolerance MUST STOP. It saddens us that people will take this opportunity to inflict harm on others because of the type of religion they practice. Freedom of religion is one of our country’s founding principles, and all of us should come together to protect it. We recognize the fear that some in our communities may be experiencing, and we strongly advise everyone to remain informed and engaged in our democratic process.”