Horrific Crash in Imperial County Kills Over a Dozen People, Injures More

If you or someone you know has direct information regarding the crash in Imperial County on Tuesday March 2, 2021, please call (619) 629-0362 or (619) 233-4114.

SAN DIEGO, CA — On March 2, a semi-truck crashed into an SUV in Imperial County, California, killing 13 people and injuring several more. The horrific crash and tragic loss of life has rocked the San Diego and Imperial Counties region, but the devastating truth is that it is far from rare. 

The truth is that the tragic loss of precious life is a regular occurrence in the southern border region, often instigated by Border Patrol high-speed chases. An investigation by ProPublica found that on average, Border Patrol is involved in a crash every nine days, injuring and killing hundreds. According to the investigation, one in every three car chases involving Border Patrol ends in a crash. Agents engage in unsafe driving, box in vehicles, puncture tires, and force cars to spin, all the while knowing that the people they are chasing are likely unrestrained and in danger. 

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Use of Force Policy Handbook, which governs Border Patrol actions begins with a statement on the duty to protect life: “A respect for human life and the communities we serve shall guide all employees in the performance of their duties.” Although CBP and Border Patrol have stated they were not involved in the events that led to the crash, there are community concerns that this is not the case, given the history and prevalence of crashes that begin with a chase.

To get much-needed clarity on what occurred during this horrific loss of so many lives, we are encouraging anyone with direct information to contact California Highway Patrol, Alliance San Diego, Comité Civico Del Valle, Or American Friends Service Committee.

If you or someone you know has direct information regarding the crash in Imperial County on Tuesday March 2, 2021, please call (619) 629-0362 or (619) 233-4114.

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