Help Tell Anastasio’s Story

The scaffolding has been raised at Chicano Park in preparation for renowned muralist Victor Ochoa and a group of local artists to paint a mural in memory of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas.

Alliance San Diego, American Friends Service Committee and the family of Anastasio are working to tell the story of the long-time San Diego resident who was brutally tased, beaten and killed by border agents. Anastasio’s case is emblematic of the abuse and impunity that comes with the inhumane and irresponsible border. It’s also emblematic of the courage to fight for justice and a better future.

Help tell Anastasio’s story – Donate today. This project will take four months to complete. By telling his story, we will ensure that future generations remember those lost to the militarization of our border. To donate to the mural fund, click here.