Giving Thread - Ruth Kaplan, DACA advocate and donor

"For many years, I have advocated for the right of Dreamers to become citizens, and have seen how DACA transformed lives. Alliance San Diego provides concrete support to Dreamers threatened with losing their DACA status. They have enabled hundreds of Dreamers to renew their DACA despite the program’s uncertain future. Alliance San Diego showed their continuing support at last month’s All Peoples Celebration, where they featured youth immigrant leader Greisa Martinez Rosas as the keynote speaker.

As an Alliance San Diego volunteer, I have been so impressed by the young staff members who are working throughout San Diego to increase voter participation and community empowerment. I am so happy that my monthly donation promotes the development of San Diego's future leaders.

Thank you Alliance San Diego!"

- Ruth Kaplan, DACA advocate and donor

 Thanks to supporters like Ruth Kaplan, Alliance San Diego is able to support and advocate for DACA recipients like Itzel. Read Itzel’s story below!

Donor Impact: Itzel Guillen, immigration integration manager, Alliance San Diego  

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