Giving Thread - Grandson, singer, donor

"I'm very moved by the work that Alliance San Diego is doing. So much of what rock n’ roll is built on, and what this movement is built on is empowering people around the world. It’s about a sense of justice. Giving people a sense of agency over their lives has been one of the most meaningful and fulfilling parts of what I get to do, so you guys are the real rock stars that are actively making this happen here in San Diego. I'm just grateful to have a platform to shine light on the work you all are doing!

When we were putting together this tour it was really important for me to feel like we're taking these messages that are embedded in my music off of people headphones and into the streets. I wanted to listen to the people who are doing this work in local communities, so I could more effectively facilitate change here in San Diego instead of trying to be the one to do it. So I wanted to…shine a spotlight on organizations like Alliance San Diego."

- Grandson, singer

Grandson’s generous support of Alliance San Diego enables us to continue reaching out and empowering the leaders of the future, like Faye. Check out Faye’s story below!

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