Giving Thread - Danny R. Avitia, volunteer, canvasser

"I began to work with Alliance San Diego in the fall of 2016. Before working with Alliance San Diego, I knew injustice and I saw the inequities in the world, but I didn't know how to act on the issues. Working with Alliance San Diego allowed me the opportunity to learn about certain issues, and how to use my voice and be a part of my community by participating in government. After the 2016 general election, we had some small wins and some big losses, those big losses are what actually motivated me to become a part of the social justice movement.

Alliance San Diego truly empowered me so that I may reach my full potential. Today I'm one of San Diego's biggest advocates. I have worked with Alliance San Diego and many other social justice organizations on many issues to build a brighter future for our county. I know with my newfound empowerment I can do bigger and better things. Because of Alliance San Diego, I am able to use my knowledge of community organizing and San Diego politics to better my community by advocating and empowering others to be a part of change."

- Danny R. Avitia, Volunteer, Canvasser

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