This election season marks a critical moment for all of us, regardless of our race or place. It’s a time for all of us to join together to ensure that our voices are heard.

Voting is different than before. San Diego County now has Vote Centers as a new option for all voters. You will no longer vote at an assigned polling location. You can now vote at any vote center across the county. Vote Centers have the following services available:

  • Vote in-person
  • Vote using an accessible ballot marking device
  • Receive voting assistance in multiple languages
  • Register to vote or update your registration and vote on the same day
  • If you made a mistake or lost your mail ballot, you can vote at any Vote Center

You can still vote by mail or drop your ballot off at an official Ballot Drop Box location. Some Vote Centers will open on Saturday, May 28th, and all Vote Centers will be open on Saturday, June 4th through Election Day on Tuesday, June 7th.


Cast your ballot for the June 7th Primary Election

There are three ways to vote:



Use the prepaid postage provided to mail it through the U.S. Postal Service. Make sure to sign and seal it! Then track your ballot by signing up for “Where's My Ballot?”.


You can drop off your completed ballot at any ballot drop box location. Make sure your ballot is sealed inside its return envelope.

Click here to find a location that works for you. From Monday, May 9th to Monday, June 6th, most locations are open from 8am - 5pm. Check your location’s hour

On Election Day, Tuesday, June 7th all locations are open 7am - 8pm


Vote before or on Election Day, Tuesday, June 7th at any Vote Center. You can no longer vote at a polling location. Click here to find a Vote Center location near you. 

For more info about the June 7th primary election, click here.


Get Ready to Vote

Register to Vote

Register to Vote

You can register to vote all the way up to Election Day at the polling locations). Click here to register today!

Check your Registration!

Check your registration status

Are you registered to vote? Check and update your voter registration, especially your address and language preference. Check your voter registration status here.

Polling Place

Find your Vote Center

Plan ahead and find your Vote Center location! Vote Centers replace polling locations so you can no longer vote at a polling location. For more information on finding a Vote Center, click here.

Register to Vote by Mail Tomas

Vote by Mail

You can return your completed ballot through the mail – no postage needed, to one of the Registrar’s official ballot drop box locations, or at any Vote Center in San Diego County.

Ballot drop-off locations are open Monday, May 9th - Monday, June 6th 8am - 5pm and June 7th from 7am to 8pm. Click here to find a location that works for you.

View your sample ballot!

Track your ballot

If you voted by mail, you can track when your mail ballot is mailed, received, and counted here.


Become a volunteer

Mobilize for change with Alliance San Diego! Volunteer this election season!


Help us reach more voters!



Fight for a more progressive San Diego, and get paid to do it!