Doing Our Part To Protect Communities From Coronavirus

SAN DIEGO, CA —  Alliance San Diego is doing its part to slow the spread of coronavirus in our region by shifting our staff to telecommuting and using modern technology to hold meetings. We will continue our census outreach, immigrant assistance, voter education, and policy advocacy over the phone, online, and in person in limited circumstances when needed. We invite the community to engage with us on social media through Facebook and Twitter, where we will be advancing our work. 

Our decision comes as new cases are reported in San Diego County and school districts announce closures starting Monday to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We join the chorus of voices in the county encouraging everyone to follow local and state guidelines to practice social distancing and avoid large gatherings. We can slow the spread of the virus if we all do our part. 

We will continue to monitor the local, state and federal government’s response to this pandemic to ensure no one uses this as an opportunity to act inhumanely or mistreat our most vulnerable communities. We are calling on our elected officials and leaders to show leadership and compassion as we navigate this crisis.

Andrea Guerrero, executive director of Alliance San Diego, issued the following statement: 

“Alliance San Diego is committed to putting our communities first and responding to this unprecedented health crisis with compassion, not fear. We are taking proactive measures to protect our staff and the most vulnerable members of our communities. We will continue to advance our mission to empower and engage the community, but we will do so using all the tools of modern technology. We urge our local, state and federal leaders to exercise compassion during this difficult time, and to support the most vulnerable among us.” 

About Alliance San Diego

Alliance San Diego is a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) community empowerment organization working to ensure that all people can achieve their full potential in an environment of harmony, safety, equality, and justice. Our mission is to provide a means for diverse individuals and organizations to share information, collaborate on issues and mobilize for change in the pursuit of social justice, especially in low-income communities and communities of color. We pursue this mission through targeted civic engagement programs and strategic coalitions that focus on specific issues and policy reforms.