Who can apply for DACA now? 

Unfortunately, USCIS is currently only accepting DACA renewals at this time. People who currently have DACA keep their DACA protection and work permit. Nothing has changed with already approved DACA cases.  

Can I apply for DACA for the first time now? 

No, unfortunately that was blocked by the July 16th decision by a Texas Judge. Only renewals are accepted at this time. 

Can I apply for Advance Parole?

You can now apply for advance parole!  If you need to leave the United States for work, school or for humanitarian reasons, you may qualify to apply for advance parole. Consult with a DOJ accredited representative or immigration attorney to discuss whether this is a good option for you. 

When should I apply to renew my DACA?

Talk to a DOJ accredited representative or immigration attorney to discuss when is the best time to submit your application. USCIS encourages DACA recipients to submit their renewal applications 120-150 days prior to the expiration of their DACA.  However, there is no deadline to submit your DACA renewal application.

I renewed my work authorization and it says it is only valid for one year, what do I do?

USCIS is required to extend all protections for the full two years. 

What happens to my Social Security Number if I no longer have DACA?

Your social security number is your number for life regardless of your immigration status.

What if I am an initial applicant and have a pending DACA application?

Unfortunately, all pending applications are on hold, we’re uncertain on whether or not those applications will be processed, but currently the USCIS cannot grant new DACA applications (as of Jul 16, 2021)

What does this mean moving forward?

Alliance San Diego stands with all those affected by this ruling and we must continue to organize and think of permanent solutions rather than temporary fixes to immigration legislation.