Council Ignores Law

The San Diego City Council disregarded the law and disregarded voters to adopt a flawed ballot question for the March 2020 election. The ballot question is for a measure that would impose a tax and authorize a bond to finance the expansion of the convention center, among other things. 

We have been fighting hard to protect the will of the voters who overwhelmingly approved Measure L, the landmark 2016 initiative that requires City Council to place ballot initiatives in the election in November, when the most people vote.

On Monday, City Council chose to do otherwise, perpetuating a long history of shortcuts on this issue that have undermined our democracy. Not only did City Council ignore voters in scheduling the measure for March, they also adopted a ballot question that omits required information that voters need to be informed about what they’re voting on. 

City Council’s actions were an extraordinary abuse of power and Alliance San Diego is exploring all avenues to hold them accountable to protect voters. See our letter detailing our concerns about the ballot question and read our statement about the council’s decision. For more details about this checkout our timeline summarizing the bad decisions on the convention center expansion over the last decade. For the latest on this, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter!