Census 2020 is here!

San Diegans have received their Census 2020 information by mail, and Alliance San Diego is committed to ensuring that all San Diegans are counted.

 Although we are maintaining social distance and working remotely, our civic engagement team has begun a robust phone banking program to inform San Diegans that they can submit their answers for the Census on the Census 2020 website by entering the 12-digit code mailed to them. Alliance San Diego does this work through the Count Me 2020 Coalition, a group of over 100 organizations working to count residents in hard-to-reach areas in our region. The Count Me 2020 Coalition is working to reach the undercounted communities that are further impacted by closures and shutdowns related to COVID-19, and making sure our communities get the representation and resources they need. Stay up-to-date with all things census by following us on Facebook and Twitter