Border Communities Critical in Blocking Trump's Wall and Agents


SAN DIEGO, CA -- The budget deal reached by Congress is a clear rejection of President Trump’s plans to expand a border wall and hire thousands more border agents and immigration officers -- and it wouldn't have happened if border communities had not spoken up and made their voices heard.

In response to the budget deal, Alliance San Diego issued the following statement:

“Today was a step in the right direction. San Diegans rejected more walls and more agents, and so did Congress. Looking forward, there is more work to do. Although the budget does not add walls, agents, or officers, it does fund thousands of additional detention beds and surveillance technology at the expense of investments in infrastructure, schools, and hospitals that are needed in the region.

While this budget deal is a temporary fix to fund the government through September, it doesn’t guarantee that Trump won’t try again to press for more walls, agents, and officers. That’s why we must continue to push back against policies that seek to further militarize San Diego, which is one of the safest counties in the country. We must push instead for investments in San Diego that help residents achieve their full potential. We can only do that if we come together and speak with one voice.”