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Join us and hundreds of people this Saturday, October 15th, as we walk the streets of San Diego. We will be talking to voters about Measures K&L in the city of San Diego! These measures ensure that big decisions are made when the most people vote, which is in November. Democracy works best when the most people participate and that is in November. We are looking for volunteers to help us create a more inclusive democracy in San Diego, so let’s go for a walk and talk to our friends and neighbors! If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Diamond Wallace at[email protected] or 619-269-1823.


Family, friends gather to mourn Olango

By Pam Kragen


Family and community members gathered Saturday to remember Alfred Olango, the unarmed black man killed in an El Cajon officer-involved shooting, and to call for unity against similar shootings.

After a private funeral and burial, more than 150 people gathered in City Heights to mourn Olango, 38, who was remembered as a cheerful man of peace who helped others in times of need.

“This is a painful time, a grieving time,” said Walter Lam, president of Alliance for African Assistance, a San Diego refugee aid organization. “All I can say is, we are all in it together. What we will do in our power is to push for justice to be done.

“We want whoever is responsible for this (shooting) to face justice.”

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5 High-Profile City Ballot Measures

Most of the Measures on this year’s San Diego City ballot are non-controversial. Measures E through I and Measure M were all placed on the ballot by the City Council and involve everything from a Charter amendment to reforming the process for removal of public officials to an increase in capacity for subsidized affordable housing.

The five measures that have attracted attention in this “year of the lengthy ballot,” are the Chargers’ Initiative (Measure C), the Citizens’ Tourism Initiative (Measure D), two Election Reform proposals (Measures K & L), and a Marijuana tax and regulation plan (Measure N).

Measures K and L sparked controversy at the City Council when proposed by the Independent Voter Project a (co publishers of IVN.us), the labor community and Alliance San Diego. Councilman Chris Cate objected to what he viewed as a rush to the ballot and both measures were qualified on one-vote margins.

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Haitian Families Divided By U.S. Immigration Policy Shift

By Jean Guerrero

Nine months pregnant, 24-year-old Sandra Alexandre crossed rivers and climbed mountains, traveling through some of the most dangerous countries in the world.

She had one goal: to make it to the U.S.

"It's too difficult, I won't make it," Alexandre recalled telling her fiancé and travel companion, Volcy Dieumercy, somewhere between Colombia and Panama. "Volcy said, 'yes, yes you can make it, little by little, but you are going to make it. Be brave.'"

She did make it. But Dieumercy did not — at least not yet. Because of her pregnancy, Alexandre was allowed into the country before Dieumercy, bypassing long wait times at the ports of entry. Within hours, the U.S. announced it wastightening immigration restrictions on Haitians for the first time since the devastating 2010 earthquake.

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