Are San Diego’s Polling Places Safe?

A variety of political organizations say they'll have people monitoring polling places


Republican nominee Donald Trump's claim that the election will be rigged against him has raised concerns about voter intimidation and poll monitoring during the November 8 election.

A variety of political organizations say they'll have people monitoring polling places.

How could that affect polling places in San Diego?

"If certain campaigning is happening within 100 feet, then we are going to advise that individual, that is doing so, to get past that 100 foot mark," said Michael Vu, of the San Diego Registrar of Voters. 

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Ahead of Election Day, Immigrants Urged to Apply for DACA



By Elena Shore

SAN DIEGO – Two weeks before Election Day, immigrant rights advocates have an urgent message for undocumented immigrants: Now is the time to secure your future.

“You start to become a part of the community, being able to get out of the house without fear of being pulled over and asked for your papers,” said Ruben Alan Casas Espino about his experience with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). 

The federal program, launched in 2012, allows those who came to the country before the age of 16 to get temporary, renewable protection from deportation, and access to a work permit and social security number.

Casas Espino didn’t finish high school, but he was able to apply for DACA because he has his GED (high school equivalency) certificate, which is enough to meet the program’s educational requirements. 

Since his DACA application was approved in 2013, Casas Espino says his life has been “completely transformed.” 

He spoke Friday at a media roundtable organized by New America Media in collaboration with Alliance San Diego and the statewide collaborative Ready California.

“In a political climate marked by xenophobia, there’s an urgency to make sure immigrants can seek programs to protect themselves,” said NAM’s Odette Keeley, who moderated the discussion. 

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Charter Cox Local Edition with Alliance San Diego Executive Director Andrea Guerrero

Charter-Cox Local Edition Host Brad Pomerance interviews Alliance San Diego Executive Director Andrea Guerrero about its support for San Diego City Measure K, requiring Top 2 runoff elections.



Measures K and L Make Sense for San Diego

By Doug Porter


Measures K and L are changes to the City Charter submitted through the efforts of the Alliance San Diego Mobilization Fund and the Independent Voter Project. Both groups have local experience in encouraging voter turnout.

These measures were championed by City Council President Sherri Lightner and placed on the November 2016 ballot by a vote of the City Council.

What they do in a nutshell is to shift the final decision making in elections to November. Measure K says the top two candidates as determined by primary voters for Mayor, City Council seats, and City Attorney advance to the general election. Measure L says citizen-sponsored initiatives and referendums belong on the November ballot.

Having worked in voter turnout efforts, I can say from personal experience that persuading people who are not normally engaged in politics to vote in primaries is a daunting task.

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