The 35th Annual All Peoples Celebration will take place on

Monday, January 16th, 2023 at the Balboa Park Activity Center


Balboa Park Activity Center - 2145 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101 | Event begins at 10am


You can still join us at the Community Space, which is open to the public. The Community Space opens at 9am free of charge.

This Year's Theme: Bridging

We survive by consciously, and carefully, holding the past and present as a lens for seeing the future. We must not forget the obstacles we have overcome nor should we rest on our victories. Last year’s love and power approach revealed that more work needs to be done in the movement. With a noticeable rise in attacks against marginalized communities, it is clear that we are in a fight for our humanity, our dignity, and our lives. The future of a multi-racial democracy is not far yet, full acceptance and inclusion feels constantly denied; we can turn things around.

In 1965 Martin Luther King Jr. led the marches from Selma to Montgomery across the Edmund Pettus Bridge where protesters were confronted with racist violence: in the same spirit we feel and see today. The root of this confrontation reveals an underlying fear of true equality and acceptance. This is not okay. We must remain encouraged to set the conditions for the change we want to see. Troubled waters will rage, but we are the resilient bridge that connects principles to action. Through the practice of bridging, we can work to link worlds, reconcile ideas and dreams, join communities together, and restore our passion to fight for our democracy on our terms and build Dr. King’s Beloved Community. 

The great orator and leader simply stated “Let’s build bridges, not walls”. He spent his life advocating for the breakdown of walls and barriers. Walls of discrimination, division, and disparity. Dr. King knew that walls are symbolic of fear and ignorance, whereas bridges represented understanding and coming together. He was a living bridge, an embodiment of hope. Every day, in every action, we should build bridges of inclusion that radically restructure our society. The bridges we build should heal, provide resources, and withstand the rampant storms of supremacy. At times they may sway but they should never collapse under pressure. 

This year we invite you to practice the art of connecting with intention. Practice the art of Bridging; Traverse every challenge by leaning on the strength of our history, while reaching towards a future with true democracy, community care, and sustainable harmony.

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