'RISE TOGETHER' Campaign Aims to Prepare DACA Recipients for New Administration

San Diego, CA - Alliance San Diego will announce today the launch of RISE TOGETHER, a campaign that aims to empower Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients and those who might qualify for the program in San Diego County with the information they need to make the right decisions before inauguration day.

In response to President-elect Donald Trump's claims that he will end the program, Alliance San Diego and Ready Now San Diego will provide multiple resources to DACA recipients in San Diego County. 

Resources include: 

  • Dedicated online resources
  • Weekly informational forums (English, Spanish, Tagalog)
  • General assessments provided by trusted immigration attorneys  
  • A 24-hour hotline to make appointments (619-363-3423)


"The presidential inauguration is a few weeks away and so many of us are concerned about the future of this program. As DACA recipients, it is imperative that we are fully aware of our options, " said Itzel Guillen, DACA recipient and college student.


Since 2012, about 750,000 young undocumented immigrants have benefitted from the DACA program nationwide. In San Diego county an estimated 40,000 are eligible. DACA has allowed young immigrants to work, get a higher education, and come out of the shadows. The RISE TOGETHER campaign will help young immigrants affected by DACA find the information they need to make the right decisions moving forward. The joint partnership with Ready Now San Diego will provide multiple resources for DACA recipients.

About Alliance San Diego

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