Border Communities Stand Tall: “We won’t shut up”!


Nearly 100 faith leaders, community activists, and border residents gathered on Friday, April 21, to deliver one message to the Trump administration: “We won’t shut up!”

The demonstration took place hours before Attorney General Sessions, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security General Kelly, and Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Johnson were scheduled to have a press conference about border communities in San Diego. In the last few weeks, these high-ranking Trump officials have visited the border region multiple times and have neglected to meet with border officials

18056242_1503535183050543_1953387696920685238_o.jpgThe rally, which was held at the San Ysidro Port of Entry, was a united front by border communities to condemn increased militarization of border communities, push back against the proposed border wall and to denounce Attorney General Jeff Sessions recent attacks on border communities

Local faith leaders opened the rally with prayer and words of encouragement. Members of Alliance San Diego, the San Diego Immigrants Rights Consortium, United Domestic Workers of San Diego, and Unite Here, stood in unity urging the Trump administration to not implement policy that is damaging to border communities and to stop speaking of a false ‘warzone’ at the border. 

Community members shared what they think border communities need on a chalkboard. Instead of more border walls and Border Patrol agents, residents wrote that border communities need love, better schools, more jobs and affordable healthcare and a host of other needs.

San Diegans will stand united to demonstrate that our communities deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

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