5 Reasons To Donate to Alliance San Diego

By ChaKiara Tucker


Sometimes, we look around at what’s happening in our world and feel a strong urge to stand up and do something. We might join a local protest, volunteer at an organization or testify at a City Council meeting. That’s all fine and good. But there’s one thing we can do that can have as just as much, if not more, impact: donate to an organization that brings about real change in our communities.

For 10 years, Alliance San Diego has been doing just that.

Join us for our “I Have a Voice” annual giving campaign, which funds programs that ensure that all San Diegans can achieve their full potential in an environment of harmony, safety, equality, and justice. Our goal is to raise $50,000 by May 1st. Your tax-deductible donation will help Ignite Change in your community.

 Here are 5 reasons you should donate to Alliance San Diego:

1. Fight for marginalized communities

Alliance San Diego has been the voice of the voiceless for years, fighting to protect the civil and basic rights for communities of color across San Diego and beyond. With your monthly or one-time contribution will help continue support this work.    

Donate Now and help us IGNITE CHANGE!

2. Help bring about policy that will benefit your community

Since its inception, Alliance San Diego has advocated for progressive policies that will benefit marginalized communities. In 2016, our efforts led to the passing of three local ballot measures that put money back into the pockets of the working class, and ensured that elections are more inclusive. With your help, we can work with policy makers to make sure the needs of ALL San Diegans are met. 

3. Help strengthen our democracy

Through our civic engagement program we meet with community members, register them to vote, educate them about what’s on the ballot, and make sure they get to the polls. Last year, we connected with 95,000 voters about issues impacting their communities. Your donation will ensure that community members have a say-so in the creation of policy that will affect them.

Ignite Change and Donate Now!

4. Develop Future Leaders

The future of our communities greatly depends on the grooming of community advocates. Through our Neighborhoods Rising Institute, a summer leadership development program, we empower and educate community advocates on local progressive efforts, best civic engagement practices, and social justice issues. In 2016, Alliance San Diego trained 150 community advocates who are now equipped with the knowledge to lead our communities. Your tax-deductible contribution will help develop San Diego’s incoming leaders.

5. Connect people to the issues

Through our website, social media posts, staff-written blogs, and other types of communications, Alliance San Diego is able to connect community members to issues that affect them. The recent launch of our weekly community calls, allows community members to get the latest news and ask questions in a safe environment. Your donation will help us continue to bridge the gap between community members and policy makers.