34th Annual All Peoples Celebration Honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

SAN DIEGO – Today the 34th Annual All Peoples Celebration, honored the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The 34th annual All Peoples Celebration is San Diego’s longest running event honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This year’s event was virtual with a live, dynamic program, with amazing performances, ASL interpretation, and a powerful keynote from disabled rights activist Rebecca Cokley. Dr. King’s legacy calls us to take action today–to address the disparities in our communities and to stand up for basic human rights.

The full program will be available on alliancesd.org or on our social media in upcoming days.

Each year at the All Peoples Celebration, the Ashley L. Walker Social Justice award is presented to an individual or organization that has demonstrated outstanding and sustained contributions in promoting inclusion and equality in our community. This year, the Ashley L. Walker Social Justice Award is given to Farhat Popal for her passion and dedication in her role as the Immigrant Affairs Manager for the City of San Diego. 

Christopher Rice-Wilson, associate director of Alliance San Diego said: 

“Dr. King believed that all people are created equal, all are part of the human family, and all should have a seat at the table. Dr. King's teachings remind us that even in the face of conflict, we must use the power of love and mercy to truly achieve peace and justice for all. Dr. King's beliefs and his teachings are embedded in the core principles of Alliance San Diego and the All Peoples Celebration. By working together to engage effectively in the civic process, we can make systemic change and shape a future that belongs to all of us. ”

Miesha Rice, advancement director of Alliance San Diego said:

“Love for our community coupled with the power of social justice action form the center of Dr. King’s teachings. That is why the theme of this year’s All Peoples Celebration is Love+Power. Love+Power recognizes that love and power complement each other. Love+Power promises to activate our people power; the love-powered energy that can neutralize discrimination, hatred, and inequality. Dr. King's beliefs and his teachings about peace and justice guide our work to create an inclusive democracy so that all people can reach their potential in an environment of harmony, dignity, safety, equality, and justice."

Isidro D. Ortiz, Ph.D., board president of Alliance San Diego said:

“The All Peoples Celebration reflects our shared humanity and our shared responsibility to one another and to the world we live in. During this time of uncertainty it is important to reflect on our core values, and remember the teachings of leaders like Dr. King to ground us in our journey as we move forward. Now, more than ever, we must channel the love and empathy we have felt for those touched by the pandemic into a practical and powerful recipe for systemic change. We cannot go back to normal. We have to be better.”

About Alliance San Diego

Alliance San Diego is a non-profit and non-partisan community organization working to build a more inclusive democracy where everyone can achieve their full potential in an environment of harmony, safety, equality and justice.